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Thank you to specify following information, or you could not get your validation for your "perso page".

To make easier the creation of your perso page, we provide you a Notepad document which cooold be downloaded; so, you will only have to complete the fields. Click here to download the Notepad document.

Your first names or nicknames. You are a couple then do not put only the first name of your wife or girlfriend!
Your old.
Your country and the city where you live.
To indicate if you allow the publication of your pictures with discovered face, or if you wish a masked face (if you wish to mask jewels or some elements of decoration,please tell it precisely and we will answer to your request)
Your E-mail. Specify if you have a webcam.
The URL of your Web site if necessary. Please provide us an access code to your private part.
Do not forget to give us the content of the text about your advertisement. No limit length. Give us many details on your wishes, so you will be lucky to get a good answer according to your request. In that way, we will not loose your time each others.
If you want to let a free access for your pictures, (exhibition with excess !), tell it to us !

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